Vıcfırth M231 Mallet Markworth, Andrew Markworth Sıgnature, Ağaç

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Andrew Markworth Signature

Medium. Warm sound with clarity in all registers.

The Vic Firth M231 Andrew Markworth Signature marimba mallet is medium and produces wawrm sound with clarity in all registers.

As an instructor, arranger, composer and show designer, Andrew Markworth burst onto the marching percussion scene at a very young age! His talents have been showcased with some of the very best ensembles within the DCI, WGI and BOA arenas. Most recently, his design and instruction helped propel the Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps to a silver-medal finish at the 2009 DCI World Championships.

The new Andrew Markworth Signature Series features 6 models-3 designed for marimba and 3 for vibraphone. The marimba mallets feature long birch shafts (11/32″ diameter) which increase the articulation and sound projection. The mallets are wrapped in 100% synthetic yarn and double-stitching provide maximum durability and weather resistance. The vibe mallets feature thick birch shafts and are also wrapped in 100% synthetic yarn, providing added warmth to the sound with maximum durability and weather resistance.

  • Length: 16 3/4″
  • Diameter: 11/32″ Birch Handles








Head Material

Synthetic Yarn


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