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Diameter:  0.335 in / 8.51mm
Length:  17 in / 43.18 cm
Handle Material:  Birch
Head Material:  Yarn
Articulation:  Medium-Hard

Promark JW4 mallets feature a round synthetic core with brass inserts and a layer of latex wrapped in synthetic yarn. The JW4 provides medium-hard articulation and focused tone. Finished birch handles have an ultra-smooth finish with a silky texture that feels similar to rattan but without the level of flexibility.

  • The JW4 is another great mid-range mallet in the Jim Wunderlich signature series and the most common marimba mallet in the series. This mallet speaks well in the mid to high range of the marimba, yet retains the warm, rich sound of this series of mallets
  • Length: 17" Head Size: 1.4 x 1.70"
  • The JW4 features a rubber-like synthetic core wrapped tightly with durable synthetic yarn on a lacquered birch shaft for a smooth finish with maximum strength
  • Durable enough for outdoor environments, but the lush tone of these mallets is an appropriate and tasteful choice for indoor concert or marching settings
  • All Promark drumsticks are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA at our Texas facility to the most stringent quality controls in the industry.


  • Nathan Moses-Gonzales
    Phoenix Suns PHX Percussion
  • Weber State University
    Weber State Indoor Percussion
  • Shilo Stroman
    Fossil Ridge HS; Square Peg; CSU
  • Ronnie LaGrone
    West Linn-Wilsonvil School District
  • Oregon Crusaders D & B Corps
    Oregon Crusaders Drum and Bugle Cor
  • Mike Stevens
    Independent Artist
  • Omaha Burke High School
    Omaha Burke High School
  • Ben Maughmer
    Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps; LD Bell High School
  • Oregon Crusaders Indoor
    OC Indoor
  • Caleb Rothe 
    Independent Artist
  • Michael Lloyd
    Educator, Independent
  • Woodbridge High School
    Woodbridge Percussion Ensemble
  • Alan Frye
    Hamilton Southeasterh High School
  • Tyler Hess
    Weber State Indoor Percussion
  • Blue Devils Drum & Bugle-A Corps
    Blue Devils Drum & Bugle-A Corps
  • Brian Sheehe
    SHOCKWAVE & Donnell Percussion Ens.


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