Valencıa V16044mat Keman, Scale 4/4, Mat, Klavye Karartılmış Akçaa

6.016,27 TL
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A complete violin outfit including violin, case and bow!

  • An excellent student violin
  • Spruce top.
  • Two-piece back
  • Maple pegs, Metal tail piece with 4 individual fine tuners
  • Maple chin rest (not plasic like on most models in this price range!)
  • Blackanized maple fingerboard, Finely detailed scroll
  • Horsehair bow The bow is pre-rosined for your convience
  • Each Violin has the bridge installed & is tested and played before shipping. Virtually no other retailer can offer this service at this price level.
  • Case is lightweight and padded; it provides great protection
  • Case has large pocket to hold accessories and sheet music

Size: 4/4 is 23" overall length

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