Tower Ms-5a Mikrofon+tablet Stand

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Material: Carbon Steel + ABS
Color: Black
Pattern: 3 pattern option
Total Height: 150cm /59.06"(appr.)
Folding Height: 75cm /29.53"(appr.)

? Microphone stand with/without boom arm
? Adjusting height of free diagonal bar: It adopts high-grade plastic accessories, metal inverted tube, high brightness paint baking process, wear-resistant and scratch resistant, and the angle can be adjusted freely by loosening the knob.
? Adjusting height of free diagonal bar: It is made of high-grade strong and tough nylon material, and the metal steel pipe is thickened and strengthened, which is firm, durable and anti stampede.
? Fasten lifting parts: The material is made of carbon steel + ABS, with metal quality, more durable, strong support, firm and strong, not easy to break.
? Equipped with high-quality steel tripod legs, this microphone stand can hold the weight of a microphone, add-ons and leaning during performances.
? Fully collapsible so you can transport your microphone stand easily between gigs.
? Caters to many styles and requirements within today's vibrant music industy including school performances, stage use and home use.
? 25-38mm diameter microphone available for handheld microphone clip

Package Included:
1 x Microphone Stand (excluding other decorations)

Instruction is not included. Hope a nice day!






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