Tower Gs-3u Gitar Asma Sehpası

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Bullet Points: 1?Adjustable Hook: The hooks can be adjusted to a desired angle of up to 180 degrees. 2?Damage Prevention: The hook clip covers the soft foam pad to prevent damage to your instrument. The straight shank length measures 19cm/7.48in, the total length with hook measures 28cm/11.02in. 3?Strong Load-bearing Capacity: Use a grooved plate to mount on almost any surface, including wooden material, drywall, plaster, concrete blocks, and more. The hooks can support up to 60 pounds. 4?Wide Application: The hooks are ideal for use in retail music instrument stores or homes. Suitable for guitar, bass, violin, kello, violin, etc. 5?Easy to Install: The product includes a slat adapter for mounting on slat walls without any additional tools or hardware. Ideal for holding your favorite guitar or retail music instrument store at home. Specification: Material: metal Color: black Straight shank length: about 19cm/7.48in Total length (with hook): about 28cm/11.02in Application: for guitar, bass, violin, cello, etc. Weight capacity: 60 lbs Packing List: 1 x Guitar Pendant Hook Adjustable 1 x Slat Wall Adapter
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