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Duralin Guitar Picks, Light/Medium (0.7MM),  10 pack, Wide Shape


Duralin (also known as Acetyl or Delrin) is a unique material with an extraordinary combination of strength, stiffness, dimensional stability, fatigue resistance and low friction. Normally used as a replacement for metal bushings and bearings in industrial applications, this extremely durable polymer is ideal for picks. Duralin picks allow an artist to highlight the bright "clicking" sound of the pick hitting the strings when playing acoustic, rhythm guitar, and fast single note passages.

  • Wide shape for extra control
  • Color coated gauges
  • Available in 6 different gauges
  • Duralin is also available in Standard, Jazz, Sharp, and Standard shapes

D'Adddario features one of the widest range of guitar picks in the industry. With various material choices to find the tone you are looking for, to the various shapes to fit your comfort needs, D'Addario has the pick for you. Look no further.

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