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Planetwaves 3an7-03 Pena Jazz Acrylux Reso 1.5 Mm 3 Lü Paket

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Acrylux Nitra Jazz, 3-pack


Thanks to their acrylic/nitrate hybrid formula, Acrylux Nitra picks offer a warm, rounded tone without losing clarity. These premium acrylic-hybrid picks provide natural grip and smooth pick control. Available in an assortment of shapes, Acrylux shines across a variety of musical styles.

  • Blended acrylic and nitrate

  • Warmer tone (when compared to Acrylux Reso)

  • Strong output and grip

  • Black pearl

  • Available in Jazz shape

D'Adddario features one of the widest range of guitar picks in the industry. With various material choices to find the tone you are looking for, to the various shapes to fit your comfort needs, D'Addario has the pick for you. Look no further


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