Oxıd Uhf U-650yy Telsiz Mikrofon

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Model:U-650/2 Li Telsiz Mikrofon
Feature:U-650/2 is a dual channels UHF digital wireless microphone. The device uses a revolutionary new technology in wireless microphone technology. Frequency modulation on transmitter, frequency matches on receiver automatically. 40 frequencies in each channel, effectively solve the problem of strong frequency and strong signal interference. Small size metal receiver, coloring and drawing aluminum alloy panel. The hand-held microphone housing uses zinc alloy and high-grade ABS material, it is not easy to damage. The cartridge is dynamic high-fidelity pickup.




Frequency range: 645MHz --- 690MHz

Modulation mode: Digital modulation PSK

Audio sampling rate: 48KHz

Channel spacing: >300KHz

Audio signal to noise ratio: >96dB

Frequency response: 30Hz--20 kHz

Oscillation mode: VCO oscillation inside the chip



Antenna: BNC/50Ω

Sensitivity: -96dBm

Harmonic interference ratio: >80dB

False interference ratio: >70dB

Power consumption: ≤2W

Audio output: Φ 6.35 socket mixed unbalanced output

Power: DC 12V / 500mA

Receiving distance: 50 meters in an ideal environment



Frequency range: 645MHz --- 690MHz

Transmit power: 10mW

Maximum input sound pressure: 100dB

Cartridge : Dynamic

Audio frequency response: 30Hz~20KHz±3dB

Battery: AA 1.5V × 2

Battery life: more than 6 hours when normal power is emitted


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