Evans Bd18emaduv Deri 18 Emad Uv Kick Kumlu Süngerli Tek Kat

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  • 10-mil Single Ply Head
  • Evenly-Coated UV Texture
  • Extreme Durability
  • Warm, Mellow Overtones
  • Evans 360 Technology
  • Includes Extra, Adjustable Dampening


The Evans UV series drum heads are a culmination of hundreds of hours spent fine-tuning their proprietary UV coating, which changes the game in terms of responsiveness and durability. Positive feedback on this line of drum heads was through the roof when they released it, showing that Evans is onto something special.

The UV EMAD Coated Bass Drum Head is a single-ply head with a UV coating that doesn't wear out, even after months of heavy hitting. The single ply means the head maintains a lot of warmth and resonance, but the coating helps focus the sound and create the thick thump many drummers are after.

The inclusion of extra, adjustable dampening ensures a tight, focused sound that gives you maximum control right out of the box. These are the driest of the UV series bass drum heads, providing a tight "thud" without getting the floppy, bright attack that uncoated heads tend to cause.

These heads are also stretch and dent resistant as a result of the treated coating, contributing again to their durability. They fall in line with a high standard of tone, punch, longevity, and projection, making these an excellent all-around option for your drum.


NameEvans 18" UV EMAD Coated Bass Drum Head
Sold Byeach
SeriesEMAD, UV
Surface TypeCoated
Drum Head TypeTop (Batter)
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