Daddarıo K410lh Vıola Tel Seti, Kaplan, Long Scale 16" & Over, Hea

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Kaplan Forza Viola String Set, Long Scale, Heavy Tension

The Kaplan Forza viola set is aimed at the most discerning professional musicians. These strings offer the beautiful, rich tonal palette and the superb bowing response characteristic of the Kaplan line. The set provides clarity and warmth across registers, and versatility throughout the dynamic spectrum, allowing top-level players the control, expression, and worry-free playing experience they demand.

Sized to fit long-scale viola (body length 16-16 1/2 inches) with a playing length of 15 inches (380mm), these heavy tension strings will allow for greater projection and volume potential. Packaged in uniquely-designed sealed pouches providing unparalleled protection from the elements that cause corrosion. The Kaplan Solutions A string is designed to add power and projection in high registers. It produces a bright and open sound and can sustain extreme bow pressure.

  • Long-scale viola (body length 16-16 1/2 inches) with a playing length of 15 inches (380mm)
  • Heavy tension
  • Solid and stranded steel cores provide warmth, projection and allows extreme bow pressure
  • All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA to the most stringent quality controls in the industry


Kaplan Forza Viola Strings Tension Chart

SetNote Core/Winding
Playing Length (mm-in.)
330 - 13
360 - 14 1/8
380 - 15
380 - 15
380 - 15
K411A-La Solid steel/Aluminum/Titanium15.317.618.519.616.4
K412D-Ré Stranded steel/Aluminum wound10.811.912.813.7 
K413G-Sol Stranded steel/Silver wound1112.11314 
K414C-Do Stranded steel/Tungsten and Silver wound12 1415 
KS411A-La Solid steel/Titanium  18  
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