Wıttner W272111m Cello İ. Akord Burgusu

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Kargo: Alıcı Öder

Model No. 272111M
Cello . Hassas Ayar Burgusu, 4/4 - 7/8

Koniklik 1:25,
Yüzük çapı: 14,0 mm/0.55"

Wittner Cello Tuning Pegs 4/4 - 7/8, diameter 14,0 / 1:25, very easy, fast and precise tuning, transmission ratio of 8,5:1 compared to an ordinary peg, peg made of High-Tech composite material and light alloy, the tapered peg is put in place without glue by simply pressing it into the peg box just like any ordinary peg, self-inhibiting transmission inside the peg, the string can not lose tension, no wear on peg and peghole (the shaft of the peg does not spin, subsequently there is no friction), no influence of climate and humidity, design, measurement, colour and quality constant, packing unit = 1 piece.


model, style or type: 272111M Wittner finetuning-peg

material: hi-tec composite-material

shaft-diameter: 14,0 mm


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